Bringing Out the Best in Home Remodels, Additions: RDS Development
Many components go into a successful home remodeling or renovation project, but even more go into the making of a remodeling contractor so good at what he does that homeowners call him back for more. Repeat clients are usually rare among home improvement contractors; for Roger Stockton, owner of RDS Development in San Juan Capistrano, they’re a significant part of his business. Long-term relationships have become as much a specialty for Stockton and his company as additions, remodels, and new custom home construction. Born in Newport Beach, raised in South O.C.’s beach cities, and part of the local construction industry since he was a teen, Stockton has come to know well the best quality vendors in the area, and they have come to know him.

“I have to be sure I have good people behind me because I actually care about my clients. It’s important to me that they’re happy,” Stockton says. “I don’t cycle through my employees or subcontractors, and at RDS, my brother has been with me for eight years, my master craftsman brother-in-law for 14 years, and my electrician for nearly 14 years. Everyone I do business with is someone I’ve been doing business with for a long time.”

Stockton founded RDS Development in 1992 after nearly ten years with other firms in South Orange County’s new home construction trade, where he did everything from working as a plumber, drywaller, and electrician to doing final walk-throughs with the new owners. He not only learned tangible skills in a variety of trades, he came to know the wishes and expectations of the people who would be living in the homes.

Those experiences now translate into a keen ear for his clients’ needs, a keen eye for the potential in older homes needing updates or additions to accommodate today’s different lifestyles, and the skills to create custom-fit solutions where standard ones won’t do.

“The goal with additions and remodels is to make it look as if the house was originally designed that way, inside and out,” he says. “I greatly enjoy going into homes and looking to see how the right allocation of space, knowing where to remove or add walls or rooms, or innovating a unique solution to address some particular need, can open up the flow of the home and create a better living space.”

Another goal of additions and remodels is to make them as easy on the client as possible. Usually the work is done while people are living in the home. In dozens of thank-you letters Stockton has received, many of which appear on the company’s website (rdsdev.com), clients say they appreciate his tidiness on the jobsite, the respectful friendliness of his crews, and his commitment to staying on budget and on schedule.

Stockton’s in-depth knowledge of the industry makes him invaluable in other ways, as well. For example, he was able to help a major tract home developer avoid a class action lawsuit dealing with subterranean water intrusion on over 20 homes. That kind of expertise comes in handy in all kinds of situations; Stockton can help homeowners save potential structural trouble as well as money.

You can reach Roger Stockton directly at (949) 496-1234 to schedule a consultation on any remodel project. His advice is free and if he can’t help you but knows a reputable company that can, he’ll refer you to them. Find out more about his business ethic and his talent for practical innovation by visiting rdsdev.com.

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